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Hello Fusspot Friends!

We’re writing to give you the latest news and share our plans for 2017.

A couple months ago we made the switch to pre-order only, and so far it has proven to be a popular decision. People don’t have to stand in line and risk us selling out. We no longer have to turn people away at the door, and it’s easier to ensure quality when we’re able to space and pace the orders this way. Win-win!

Our current schedule is 5-7p on the first Saturday of every month. We’re booking one month at a time and consistently selling out days in advance, so make sure you place your pre-orders early. Reservations for the following month open the Monday after each fry.

Many of you have asked when we’re moving into a permanent home so you can get your fried chicken fix whenever you want. After much consideration, which included looking at numerous brick and mortar spaces available around town, we’ve decided that the answer is: not anytime soon.

What started as Howard’s personal quest to perfect his favorite fried chicken recipe unexpectedly blossomed into a successful pop-up, and we absolutely love frying for you. However, we both have other careers and aren’t quite ready to become full-time (not to mention first-time!) restaurateurs.

Frankly, when you look at the potential profit margin, especially in a city as popular as Portland has become, it’s a miracle that any restaurant manages to survive the rising rents and operating costs. We’d rather fry for you once a month than not at all, so we’ve chosen to continue on indefinitely as a pop-up rather than risk bankruptcy and burnout. We have so much respect for the full-time chefs, cooks, and owner-operators who make it work on a daily basis!

This gives us the freedom to explore other options, such as collaboration dinners and catering for special events. We’ve opened discussions about fried chicken and beer tasting dinners with a couple local breweries, so expect some exciting announcements in the new year!

Finally, thank you so much for your support and patronage. It is an honor and a joy to feed you every month.

~ Howard & Tonya

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