Due to the particulars of working part-time in a shared kitchen space, we are only able to make a limited amount of fried chicken on any given day. When we host a public event, we don’t save any servings for walk-in orders, so you must order in advance.

Pre-orders are first come first served, beginning with the first email received after 9:00a on the day reservations open for the event. Please note that we usually sell out within a couple days and recommend sending your reservation requests sooner rather than later.


Please take a look at our current menu and prices, then email to reserve.

Include your name, phone number, number of servings (limit 4), dine-in or to-go (if applicable), and desired 15-minute pickup window. Please indicate if you would like extra sauce (+$1.00 to go) or any “wings only” orders (no extra charge). If we cannot accommodate you at your preferred time but still have servings available, we’ll contact you back with available pick-up times.

You will receive an email confirmation back within a day or two. If you have not received an answer, your order has not been placed. We’ll let you know if we’ve already sold out and can put you on a wait list in case of any cancellations.


Please note that pre-ordering guarantees you will get chicken even if we sell out, but it doesn’t guarantee you won’t have to wait for it. We’ll do our best to meet your 15 minute window, but our chicken cannot be rushed. It takes as long as it takes, and we want to ensure you get the freshest, crispiest fried chicken possible. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding!

Limit four (4) servings per customer/order please.

Pre-order cancellations must be made via email and received by 12:00p the day prior to the fry. Since we are not asking for payment in advance, failure to notify us of cancellation will result in suspension of pre-order privileges.